Graphite Speciality

The “Graphite Speciality” division at Exoweld© is a specialised graphite-engineering unit, catering to both the industrial and chemical industries. Our team of experienced industrial and mechanical engineers offer customer specific solutions for a wide range of graphite products and their related needs.

Product Range/Applications
  • Continuous Casting (Crucibles/Dies)

  • Heat Treatment (Vacuum Furnaces)

  • Glass Making (Heating Elements)

  • Diamond Drill Bit Moulds

  • Refactory Bricks

  • Aluminium Processing

  • Spark Eroding (Electrodes)

  • Moulds for Exothermic Welding

  • Crucibles, Boats and Trays

  • Graphite Powder

Graphite Properties
  • Medium to fine grain and isostatic moulded material

  • Non-reactive with most chemicals

  • High thermal conductivity

  • Strength increases with higher temperatures

  • High thermal shock resistance

  • Good electrical conductivity


Exoweld© has state of the art CNC and other graphite machining technology. We are capable of machining graphite to fine tolerances, and have an in-house team of experienced CNC programmers and machinists.