Exothermic Powders

The Exoweld© welding process, also known as thermite welding and alumina-thermic welding, is a method of welding copper to copper, copper to steel and steel to steel in order to form a solid electrical connection.

The method employs an exothermic reaction to create heat, usually triggered by a flint/spark igniter, which ignites and then melts the copper welding powder. The molten copper welding powder becomes the welding material, covering the metals to be connected. The metals themselves melt under the heat of the welding material, and then set as a full molecular bond with the copper welding material.

This method does not need an external source of power or heat to operate. The connections created in this process do not weaken or loosen over time, making the solution far superior in quality, to other methods of bonding.

The exothermic welding process is carried out by using Exoweld© Graphite Moulds, Exoweld© Welding Powders, Exoweld© Handle Clamps and various safety and ignition tools.

The exothermic welding powder produced by Exoweld© , is of the highest quality, and is consistent with every connection. The product is a powdered Weldmetal, comprised of copper and aluminium.

wdt_ID Part Number Item Description Cartridges Per Box Boxes Per Pack Min. Order Quantity (Units Per Pack)
1 XWM015REG Exothermic Weld Metal (Size: 15) 20 5 100
2 XWM025REG Exothermic Weld Metal (Size: 25) 20 5 100
3 XWM032REG Exothermic Weld Metal (Size: 32) 20 5 100
4 XWM045REG Exothermic Weld Metal (Size: 45) 20 5 100
5 XWM065REG Exothermic Weld Metal (Size: 65) 10 5 50
6 XWM090REG Exothermic Weld Metal (Size: 90) 10 5 50
7 XWM115REG Exothermic Weld Metal (Size: 115) 10 5 50
8 XWM150REG Exothermic Weld Metal (Size: 150) 10 5 50
9 XWM200REG Exothermic Weld Metal (Size: 200) 10 5 50
10 XWM250REG Exothermic Weld Metal (Size: 250) 10 3 30