Hammer Dies

Exoweld© hammer dies are hardened steel dies that are used to shape the end of a cable, using a metal sleeve, on site. The shaping of the cables/conductors are necessary for welding round cables to flat surfaces, and is a requirement for many exothermic bonds for rail application. The dies are available for all cable sizes, and an instructional guide is available for download below.

wdt_ID Part Number Description Min. Order Quantity Weight
1 GHD35 Hammer Die for 35mm² Cable 1 1.56kgs
2 GHD50 Hammer Die for 50mm² Cable 1 1.56kgs
3 GHD70 Hammer Die for 70mm² Cable 1 1.56kgs
4 GHD95 Hammer Die for 95mm² Cable 1 1.56kgs
5 GHD120 Hammer Die for 120mm² Cable 1 1.56kgs
6 GHD150 Hammer Die for 150mm² Cable 1 1.56kgs
7 GHD185 Hammer Die for 185mm² Cable 1 1.56kgs
8 GHD240 Hammer Die for 240mm² Cable 1 1.56kgs