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Cable To Rail
Cable To Rail
Cable To Rail

wdt_ID Part Number Conductor Size "A" Rail Bond Size Powder Size Handle Clamp Required Price Key of Mould
1 MRC-025 25mm2 25mm2 x 220mm 32 GHC/RC/D C
2 MRC-035 35mm2 35mm2 x 220mm 45 GHC/RC/D C
3 MRC-050 50mm2 50mm2 x 220mm 65 GHC/RC/D C
4 MRC-070 70mm2 70mm2 x 220mm 75 GHC/RC/D C
5 MRC-095 95mm2 95mm2 x 220mm 90 GHC/RC/D C
7 MRC-120 120mm2 120mm2 x 220mm 115 GHC/RC/D C